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Richard Arnest:

An imaginative and diverse composer driven by a passion for self-expression through music. Noted for a unique blend of elegance and technique, his innovative style combines pure melody and traditional counterpoint with a contemporary esthetic. Color and strong lines make his work an excellent choice for a wide range of projects and purposes.

His music has been performed in concerts in Europe and across the nation, and has appeared in a variety of non-traditional venues, including a NASA website and a Cincinnati Reds game. While he loves to express his personal vision in his music, he is also adept at creating arrangements and commercial works and readily communicates the vision of his clients.

Look through and listen to these pages to find how Richard can compose perfect music for any occasion.

Typical projects include:

    • Works for orchestra or band
    • Chamber music
    • Chorus
    • Dance
    • Church music
    • Young performers
    • Weddings
    • Drama
    • Film
    • Advertising


    Online Portfolio 
    This link goes to a site with downloadable scores and music samples.

    Go to the Portfolio page to hear more music by Mr. Arnest.

Richard Arnest on Facebook

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The music on this page is Sheep in the Beck from Haworth Suite performed by the Prague Radio Philharmonic

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